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Welcome to Kring

BNB Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is a company having more than three decades of experience in varied Industries like Engineering, Plastics Moulding, Surface Finishing and Food Business.

Kring is the latest offering of this group in the field of Wiring Devices & Accessories.

The founders of BNB Concepts Pvt. Ltd. are Technocrats and Market Experts.

At Kring we have a panel of industry experts comprising of renowned Builders, Consultants & Architects from across India and abroad who keep us updated with industry standards and market trends.

Core Values


Work Ethics, honesty & integrity are the backbone of Kring. We believe in a strong moral code and are rooted in the belief of making the world better.


At Kring the best of materials are blended with ergonomic and aesthetic design. Optimizing the product to give a premium experience to the user while making it process friendly for the Technicians.


Kring believes in the philosophy of form follows function, which follows meaning, which follows form. It is this complete circle where Functionality, Ergonomics in design and visual appeal leads to creation of products that fit seamlessly in any room.


Kring makes products you can depend on. Aesthetic design,Practical engineering and state of the art manufacturing technology gives the products an edge making the user experience Powerful and reliable.


Kring Products are rightly priced making them accessible to one and all. With a vision that includes the whole nation, we aim to reach and empower every corner of the country.


Kring means the complete circle. Having firm belief in this philosophy we try every bit to give back to society. From training and engaging with local self-help groups for certain product assembly, to providing Dialysis and other medical support to the needy are some of the ways we try to complete the circle.